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5 Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays

The experience of applying for a scholarship often ranges from something simple to something tedious and hard. The reason why most applicants and scholars find the experience to be either of the two is because of the essay involved with the application process. Some scholarships require you to do tests in conjunction with essays or […]

How To Keep A Scholarship

Keeping a scholarship can be hard and demanding, but if you want to finish your education without the need of spending a huge amount of money, then it is highly recommended that you work hard to keep your scholarship.  Karen Corcoran Walsh will also advise the youth to finish their education, whether it is through a […]

Are You Ready For A Scholarship

Getting a scholarship is sometimes the only hope of a student who cannot send him/herself to school because of financial difficulties. But getting a scholarship is not as easy as you think it is, but even if it is hard, Karen Corcoran Walsh recommends those who are financially incapable to take their chances.  There are hundreds to […]

How To Get The Most From Your Scholarship

Karen Corcoran Walsh, a family therapist, would also agree that every child in the family needs to be educated so they can have a better future. So whether they are financially capable or not, their parents or guardians need to find a way to finish their school.  The good news is, scholarships are available to […]