How To Keep A Scholarship


Keeping a scholarship can be hard and demanding, but if you want to finish your education without the need of spending a huge amount of money, then it is highly recommended that you work hard to keep your scholarship. 

Karen Corcoran Walsh will also advise the youth to finish their education, whether it is through a scholarship or not because she knows that there are a lot of benefits a diploma can provide. 

If you are being challenged because keeping a scholarship is hard, here are a few tips that you can consider:

  • Study hard

Study hard, that is your key in making sure that you will always get high and impressive grades. You have to plan right and make sure that your time is being spent wisely between your studies and other obligation if there are any. 

If you think that you cannot study hard because of the responsibilities you need to do apart from school, then you might want to think twice about getting a scholarship. Sure, it would be very hurtful if in the middle of your college years you stopped, because you were disqualified in your scholarship grant, and you do not have the means of sending yourself to school. 

  • Be proactive

Being proactive is also very important. You have to check with your sponsor if they changed their requirement or if they are requesting some paperwork. You have to show your sponsor how eager you are in terms of sustaining your scholarship. 

Through your visibility and being proactive, the sponsor will be more considerate with you in case something went wrong while you are studying. 

  • Ask the right questions

Make sure that all questions are asked before, during, and after your application. You need to know everything about their scholarship program. You would not want to be clueless and unaware of their policies as that may lead to many problems in the future. 

Do not worry, as long as your questions are valid and relevant to the scholarship the sponsor offers, there is no reason to hold back or not to ask. By asking the right question, it can help you maintain your scholarship as you are aware of what you need, and what not, to do. 

  • Enjoy school

Yes, it is a must that you somehow stress and challenge yourself to do well in school to maintain your scholarship, but this does not mean you will not give yourself the chance to enjoy life in school. If you are enjoying it, you are also giving yourself the chance to excel. If you are happy with what you are doing, you tend to do better compared to if you are so stressed out. 

Learn to love school, anyway, through school you can build a better and brighter future, hence enjoying the time you are spending on the way to your success is something you have to try doing. Anyway, there is so much to enjoy in school, friends, activities, etc, hence, this should not be as hard to do. 

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